Monday, May 25, 2009

Nail Art Designs

I just saw nail designs from web images and i was so amazed. I used to paint my nails before with flowers but i just seen some more ideas that would be great for nails. Here are some examples:

The last one is my favorite. I don't like too much design for nails, I like simple, cute and original nail art designs.

The images used above are not mine, they're from

After making this post, i was excited and experimented with colors and designs, i wished i had a nice small brush for details. I remembered i had no polish remover so i ended up with a big hand of mess. The next day, i finally bought acetone and designed my nails, here's mine:

Friday, April 10, 2009


I just discovered this movie (a book by Neil Gaiman, actually), Coraline in Youtube and i was amazed by it. The story seems good. The movie makes use of stop motion animation, now that's really interesting. There is a series of videos about the making of the movie including this one. The knitter of Coraline's XXXS sweater and gloves is Ms. Althea Crome. I just don't think she's the only one in the world doing this kind of stuff. :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm Back

Why not, I think, i would like to reopen this blog and put some of my favorite online craft finds here. I will update this later. =)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Rest.

I decided to put this site in a hiatus for two weeks to a month. I have been thinking lately and realized that i rush into things often upon seeing opportunites. I actually put up 3 blogs and closed one. I realized that i have been doing so many things that are not so beneficial. The bad part is, they keep me away from my focus. Now, i will try to focus on my other site. And when everything's fine there, i will revive this site. Thanks for everyone who visits this site. Thank to my new found friends and for my entrecard advertisers. Thank You Lord.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Hands on Cold Porcelain Clay

Before anything else, someone gave me a Blogging Friends Forever Gold Card, my new online pal --> Kittykat, give her blog some love. :)

Another one i tried to do is Cold Porcelain Clay. When we were at the grocery store, i bought some cornstarch, glue and food color to make some cold porcelain clay. I was inspired by many examples I had seen in the internet. And it is also easy and less expensive to do. So when i got home and waited after a few hours, i excitedly mixed together a portion of glue and flour (later i found out that i bought flour and not cornstarch) until i came up with a clay like mass.

After forming a good clay, it was time to put in the color. If you want to do this, you must first decide what you are going to form, I actually had a hard time thinking about that. But a good design is the foundation of a good poduct. I decided to have this flower design. Wow, flower, it's so original and mature-ish, not kinder-ish. Three colors: blue circle background, pink/white petals and yellow center. I let it dry for some days. When it was dry, it was like a stone, so hard.

I really regret that i did not take any picture of the finished product before it was ruined. That was because i did not expect that some beings will actually be interested in making my hardened clay as their midnight snack. There were small mice roaming around our house and they liked my product. Day by day, i saw that the clay was getting smaller and i had no doubt it was them. My poor first porcelain clay. Just search in the internet for nicer pictures of cold porcelain clay.

I just found a nice porcelain clay tutorial.